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We provide services in English.

If you need legal support in the areas mentioned below, feel free to contact us.

We offer legal support in the following areas:

  • Legal support during formation of the company, including its registration, and further legal support
  • We provide corporate clients with a lump sum packages covering a continuous lawyer’s support. It consists of legal advice, clarifications of legal issues, suggesting solutions, providing opinions on the contracts and drafting the contracts, arranging official matters and handling the contractual issues with employees and sub-contractors
  • Legal advice on development contracts and other real estate contracts
  • Family law, including divorce and maintenance
  • Consumer law and sales agreements
  • Copyright
  • Labour law
  • Other civil matters

If the area of law mentioned above does not cover your problem, please send us a message with a short description of the issue and we will inform you if we can deal with your case. We can also recommend another solicitor from outside who specializes in related area

English Helpdesk: Karolina Stanek – Partner / Solicitor , + 48 513 130 540